Class 3 have been exploring different dilemma stories, they have created their own versions with a different moral.

The case of the secret base

Me and Spencer found this secret base in the woods, quickly we were trapped!!! Spencer had blonde hair and when we he realised we were trapped he jumped like a fox in headlights, I was nice and calm like a relaxing CD. Spencer felt terrified because we had no way out in the pitch black cave. All of a sudden we heard a thunder storm. We were becoming more panicked what were we going to do? The base was getting creepier and creepier, it was howling and growling.

The reason we went in the base was because it had looked shiny and exciting like diamonds and crystals. Suddenly, these three blood curdling and spine shivering clowns were charging out of the bin. We felt that we were going to faint. We were terrified because their knives were as sharp as a spinning blade and their teeth were as sharp as a T-Rex tooth.

The clowns ran after us we ran so fast that we got out the base. Within seconds we led them to Spencer’s house, and he picked up the bat, and it’s sleeping time for the clowns. But they did not get hit with bat; they were so petrified they ran away.

The wind came blazing and they ran away WHOOSH!!! They were blown into ashes. Their pink wigs flew off all over the street and the crowd went wild, me and Spencer heard the crowd roar with ecstasy.

We still explore the camps now but only with an adult as we know that’s how we stay safe. We went to one when an Anaconda snake helped us disappear into dust and time travel to a different dimension. Find out what happens next another day…

By Connor Hall