All admissions to Eslington Primary School come through Gateshead Council, Special Educational Needs and Disability Team.

For more information please contact them at the Civic Centre on, 0191 433 3575


As a specialist school for children with Social, Emotional and Mental Health Difficulties, there is a procedure adhered to by the LA for the admission of new pupils.  After relevant paperwork has been received by the school, the Head of School and the SENCo will discuss the request for a place at Eslington Primary School.  A visit will be arranged for the SENCo to observe the pupil in the host school wherever possible and to talk with the class teacher.  If a place is offered, the child and his/her parents will be invited to Eslington Primary School to meet staff and see the facilities available.  A start date will then be arranged.  Where necessary due to a child’s physical needs, facilities and equipment may have to be adapted to ensure full access to every part of the curriculum.  The staff at Eslington Primary School support the inclusion of any child who has additional physical difficulties to this school.