PE & Sport Premium


At Eslington Primary school we believe that every child has the right to receive high quality teaching and learning in PE.  We are a highly inclusive school and we ensure that the planning and delivery of PE lessons is appropriately matched to the needs and abilities of each child.  Every child will make significant progress in all areas of physical education.


Pupils and staff are committed to PE and enjoy their lessons.  This can have a direct impact upon pupils’ self-esteem and emotional, intellectual and personal development.  We believe that if our pupils receive high quality PE lessons, that match their learning styles and needs, then this will help to improve their confidence in their own physical ability.  It will also enable a natural love of PE and sport to develop which will remain with them for the rest of their lives.


The teaching of PE at Eslington Primary School links in with the National Curriculum 2014, our Creative Curriculum and schemes of work supported by Val Sabin and the LEA.  Wherever possible we incorporate the current topic into our planning and teaching to strengthen the cross-curricular links.  Where this is not feasible we teach the skills as discrete lessons.


To enable high quality teaching and learning in PE we are committed towards developing the knowledge and skills of all staff.  Therefore we regularly arrange CPD opportunities.   These in turn develop the confidence of the staff and this ensures that we have the most up-to-date training in the key areas of PE.


Observations occur each term across the school to monitor the delivery of the curriculum and to confirm that progress is being made.  This also provides opportunities to identify children who should be included on our Gifted and Talented register.