The Adventures of Bruce the bear 13/09/19

On Friday night we played on my Xbox. On Saturday we went outside with my friend then on my Xbox. On Sunday we spent most of the day outside till 6:30 then I had dinner and chilled on my Xbox. Year 6 pupil

Darren Shan Superfan

On the off chance that he would reply, Mrs Fairless sent Darren Shan a message, asking if he would like to donate some books to our school. Not only did he reply within half an hour, but he also sent us the "Cirque Du Freak" series, with every book signed! Thank you...

Outdoor Reading Chairs

Thank you so much to a lovely friend of Mrs Fairless, who kindly donated these wonderful, handmade chairs to our school. We now have one on each site, to be used as an outdoor reading area.