At Eslington Primary School, we are proud of our excellent attendance figures and recognise that this reflects the fantastic effort of parents/carers and staff, and the importance that we all place on regular attendance at school.  The Government and the Local Authority have made it very clear that there is no automatic right to any holiday during term time.  It is a common misconception that pupils are allowed to take up to ten days holiday in term time during any academic year.  In fact, the Local Authority can now fine parents for taking their children out of school for holidays during term time.  Headteachers may not grant any leave of absence during term time unless there are exceptional circumstances.  Low cost travel or arrangements made by other family members or friends are not deemed exceptional circumstances. 

School attendance is a high priority for all schools, and Eslington Primary School is no exception.  As parents and carers, you will be aware of the importance of your child attending school and the impact it has on your child’s learning and development.  These changes in legislation are there for the benefit of all children and give little room for flexibility.  However if you feel there are exceptional circumstances to be considered, please contact the school to discuss this further.  It is important not to make any financial commitment for a holiday (during term time) until the absence has been discussed with the Headteacher first.

It is vital that children attend school punctually and regularly.  Please support us by bringing your child to school on time for the start of the school day or by ensuring that they are punctual for their taxi journey into school.  Registration of your child’s attendance closes at 9.00am.  Arrival at school after this time is recorded as a ‘late’ mark in the register.

We operate a ‘first day absence’ policy and will contact you as soon as possible if we have not been informed as to why your child is not in school.  Any pupil not in school at this time will be marked as an ‘unauthorised absence’ unless, or until, we know why they are absent.  Any child who is absent on a regular basis will be referred to the Local Authority and parents/carers will receive a letter or a visit from the Education Welfare Officer.  All necessary steps will be taken by school and Gateshead LA to ensure punctual and regular attendance by every pupil.  Research does indicate that regular or lengthy periods of absence have a significantly negative impact on a child’s progress.  Absences during the school term should be kept to a minimum.

Please make sure you inform the school of any health problems which may affect your child’s education, or regular attendance.  A copy of our attendance policy can be obtained from the school office. This policy describes how the school deals with punctuality and attendance concerns.


School Attendance Figures for the Academic Year 2017/2018

  • Attendance Rate 96.66% 96.66%
  • Percentage of Unauthorised Absences 0.49% 0.49%
  • Percentage of Authorised Absences 2.85% 2.85%