Class 2

Viking Raiders!

Class 2 are learning all about Vikings this half term. We are enjoying our class book, Arthur and the Golden Rope by Joe Todd Stanton. Everyone is excited to go on an adventure with Arthur the viking...

Culture Day!

During Culture Day children at Hazel road experienced activities from around the world. These includes, Italy, America, China, Mexico, Scotland and vaiours other that can be identified in the above gallery. 

Eslington has chicks!

New arrivals to the school! We have five Speckled Sussex chicks to be named by each class, relating to their current curriculum topic.

Inventing Tomorrow’s World

Creative Curriculum day – 13th February The Children from across both sites engaged in a number of activities such as drama, art, P4C, discussion and hot seating. They gathered words on their t-shirts which linked to Human rights and equality. They looked at the...