Class 4


Seeds for the flower beds, they need regular watering in dry conditions to help their germination.


In the autumn children supported Mr Saunders in gathering leaves from the yard and putting them in plastic bags. Hole were put in the bags to encourage decompostion by worms and also moisture. Here they are! This year they have been put in an eco-friendly composter.

Making Bird Boxes.

Today children in class 4 completed their bird boxes. They made two different holes, one for blue tits and a larger one for sparrows. They then drilled a hole to recycle old pencil to perch on. One final thing, the children created a hole for the nail that will attach...

Pricking Out Hollyhock Seedlings.

Seeds heads from the garden were spread over a tray of compost, after 2 weeks dense germination had produced lots of seedlings, they needed more root space and foliage room. The  techniqiue used was to gently take the new leaves off two nearby plants, gently pull the...