Class 8

Our Class Text

As part of our Victorians topic Year 6 have been exploring the novel Cogheart by Peter Bunzl.

Roman Adventure

As part of their topic Year 4 visited Corbridge to walk through Roman streets and experience a different side to life on the frontier of the empire.

Inventing Tomorrow’s World

Creative Curriculum day – 13th February The Children from across both sites engaged in a number of activities such as drama, art, P4C, discussion and hot seating. They gathered words on their t-shirts which linked to Human rights and equality. They looked at the...

Inspiring English

Some of Class 8 have been looking at Traditional Tales as part of their English work this half term. One boy became so inspired by Hansel and Gretel that he recreated the Gingerbread house from the story. He even used some real sweets to decorate it!