Eslington Primary School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children, and expects all staff and volunteers to share in this commitment.

Staff at Eslington Primary School have a legal responsibility to ensure the safety of all children.  We take the physical and emotional wellbeing of our pupils very seriously.  If we have concerns regarding your child, a member of staff will contact you to invite you into school to discuss any issues and to offer support if appropriate.  Eslington Primary School has a Safeguarding Policy and the nominated person for safeguarding issues is the Headteacher.

Parents need to note that if there is a concern for the well-being of any of our children, the Head of school or Assistant Head as the nominated person for Child Protection and will determine if it is appropriate to approach the parent/carer or directly contact the Local Authority’s Child Protection team based in the Social Services Department.

All members of staff and any adults volunteering to help in school have to apply to the Disclosure and Barring System before they are allowed contact with our children.

Children are not permitted to bring mobile phones or other electronic devices into school as this could be a potential safeguarding issue and we ask that parents/carers support the school policy in this.

In terms of E-safety, pupils are supervised whilst on the computers in school at all times by a member of staff.  Any concerns raised by staff or pupils regarding websites are reported immediately to the council’s ICT Services and firewalls are activated to prevent access to inappropriate sites.

We are Operation Encompass School, which means that if there is a disturbance at one of our family’s homes and police are called to the property, we will receive a notification so that we can make sure that we support the family in safeguarding our children and young people. This project is run in conjunction with Northumbria Police.

As part of our safeguarding procedures, all staff are also trained in PREVENT which is the Government’s terrorism prevention strategy.


Security at Eslington Primary School

We view the security of pupils and staff whilst in our school as extremely important.  All our doors are controlled by a magi-lock system that enables staff and pupils to be protected whilst on the school premises.  Entrance to the school is via the main entrance where a buzzer system enables staff in the school office to meet and greet all visitors.  All visitors are asked to sign the visitors’ book and obtain a badge to wear before they enter the main part of the school.  Each classroom has internal telephone connections so that our Business Manager can let staff know when visitors may need to speak to them.


If you are challenged about your identity whilst in school it is not because our staff and pupils are unfriendly – we simply need to know why you are in the building to ensure our children remain safe.