School Meals

We have a wonderful school meals service that cooks fresh meat, vegetables and desserts and serves a balanced, nutritious meal to our pupils on a daily basis.  A three week menu is available from the school office on request.  There is always a hot meal, a choice of sandwiches or wraps and salads as well as several puddings such as fruit, yoghurt, cake etc.

Children are encouraged to bring in dinner money in a named envelope on a Monday morning.  School meals are currently available for £2.10 per day or £10.50 per week.

We have achieved the Gateshead Healthy Schools Award and abide by their recommendations and guidelines.

If children bring in packed lunches, we ask that parents and carers abide by our healthy schools criteria.  The children on the School Council have worked alongside staff to write a healthy packed lunch policy for school which will be sent out to all new parents.  It is also available on request from the School Office and on our website.  Packed lunches should contain sandwiches, dried or fresh fruit, yoghurts and water.  Children can also have healthy snacks such as baked or low fat crisps etc. in their packed lunches, but chocolate, sweets, biscuits, fried food or fizzy drinks are not permitted.