School Organisation


Our school currently caters for pupils from Reception to Year 6.  We organise our classes by age, ability and the social or emotional developmental needs of our pupils.

Eslington Primary School

Hazel Road Site

Eslington Primary School

Rose Street Site

Executive Headteacher

Mrs M Richards

Head of School

Mrs H Stokes

Assistant Headteacher

Mrs P Hindson
Mr V Sinclair

Class 1

Miss R Stevenson
Miss C Connolly

Class 2

Ms Freeman
Miss N Gardiner

Class 3

Miss C Moody (p/t)
Mrs L Smith (p/t)
Miss J Horne
Mrs M Rimonti

Class 4

Mr V Sinclair

Mr I Donkin
Ms Peel

Class 5

Miss G Jelly
Miss R Webber

Assistant Headteacher

Miss K Griffiths

Class 6

Mrs V Emery
Ms S Watson
Miss S Clarke

Class 7

Mr L Fowler
Miss Z Lamb
Miss A Sandwith/Mrs S Hammond

Class 8

Miss C Flamson
Mrs L Fairless

Class 9

Miss E Tucker
Miss K Grabiarz
Mrs B Wheat (p/t)

Class 10

Mrs R Nibber
Mr M Logan


Mrs V Emery/Ms A Freeman

Family Liaison

Mrs R Taplin, Mrs V Smith & Miss M Murray

Administration Hazel Road

Mrs R Forster – Business Manager
Miss L Peel – Admin Assistant

Administration Rose Street

Mrs S Harland – Administration Officer

Site Manager

Mr S Saunders

Other School Staff

Cleaning Staff: Mrs J Hannon and Mrs K Cattanach
Kitchen Staff: Mrs G Thirlaway, Mrs L Iley and Mrs D McPherson
Visiting Music Staff: Mr J Parkin