School Rules and Positive Behaviour Management


At Eslington Primary School, we have a policy for promoting positive behaviour has been developed within a framework of simple rules.

Children should be able to come to school happy and free from fear, knowing that their rights will be respected.  They must also be prepared to respect the rights of others.  The rules that we have in school are to ensure this mutual respect, and to prevent injury to people, damage to the school premises and to personal property.

It is important to maintain a balance between rewards and consequences, which can be applied in a fair and consistent manner throughout the school.  The emphasis is on positive behaviour and mutual respect.

Consequently, discipline at Eslington Primary is approached in a positive but assertive manner and involves the children following these three simple rules, or the four Rs, in classrooms and around school in general.


The Three B’s

Be Respectful Respect yourself and others.
Be Responsible  Take responsibility for your behaviour and your actions.
Be Safe Keep yourself and those around you safe by making the right choices


In order to help the children make sensible choices about the way they behave, they are praised for making the right choices on a daily basis and consequences are given on the occasions that children choose not to follow the school rules.

Children earn points for each lesson which reflect their ability to accept and follow the school rules.  The points are then turned into an individual percentage for each child at the end of the week.  This enables our pupils to access a range of ‘social activities’ on a Friday afternoon according to the total number of points achieved.  Children also have the opportunity to earn school currency or Froggets that they can then spend in the school shop.

Each child also has individual targets which support their social, emotional and behavioural development.  These targets are negotiated and agreed between parent/carer, child and the school.

Some of our pupils can become upset and occasionally demonstrate challenging behaviour.  Staff manage all such incidents in a positive manner.  A gradual and graded response to all such situations is used which always seeks initially to de-escalate the situation using a range of strategies.  Positive physical restraint however, may be necessary, in order to ensure the safety of everyone involved.  All staff are trained in Team Teach techniques so that if a child needs to be physically restrained, appropriate holds are deployed.  In some cases, a child may need to be removed from the classroom away from other pupils.  At all times, pupils are treated with respect and dignity.  They are given adult support and reflection time so that they can regain their self-control, enabling them to return to the classroom as soon as they are ready to do so.

We encourage parents and carers to become involved in their child’s emotional and social wellbeing by keeping them informed of both good and unacceptable behaviour on a regular basis.