After a hard day at school our residents love to come down to Crossfield House to relax for the evening.

We love our evening’s activities and participated in a wide variety this autumn term. Some enjoy staying in and watching a film within the comforts of our cinema room, complete with sofas, cushions and bean bags. Others enjoy our recreation room with our pool table and apple mac computers.

We also, like to watch TV and play on the Xbox.

Lots of us enjoy sport and keeping healthy and spend our nights playing football, volley ball and other various sports in the gym.

For the more adventurous we enjoy weekly visits to our local swimming pool, where our residents have made some amazing progress with their swimming this term, with the help from staff.

Most of residents enjoy the great outdoors and love to have weekly visits to our parks, coastal areas and countryside. During the colder nights we also enjoy a range of cooking and crafts.  During our autumn term we took part in enterprise, making gifts to sell and then using the money we made to recover our pool table.

Most importantly we enjoy our activities together, making friends, making memories and having a great time.